My Story

Every organisation claims to put people first.

Increasingly the challenge is to match this rhetoric with reality.

31% of NZ employees believe their stress levels have risen over the last two years. Among the biggest causes of this stress; excessive workloads, long hours, management style, workplace relationships and pressure to meet work targets

I’ve had great fortune to work with some great people, leaders, managers and organisations.

87% of workers worldwide feel emotionally disconnected from their workplace

What I’ve learned over my career is that despite the very best of intentions there is a deep subconscious & indiscriminate malaise infecting all our workplaces.

77% of people in offices across the USA are regularly experiencing physical illness caused by stress, 73% regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress, 76% cited work as the leading cause of their stress and 48% of employees believe their stress has increased over the last 5 years

Yes even those workplaces we love, even those we hold up as being innovative & progressive, even your workplace.

Great organisations with great people, wonderful leaders, the best of intentions.

The inconvenient truth is they’re all infected.

40% of NZ civil servants have experienced workplace bullying

At best the consequence is merely the impairment of performance & potential.

At worst it is causing serious mental & physical illness.

33% of American employees believe they are dealing with extreme stress

There exists a chasm between what our organisations claim to do for people and sadly what they actually end up doing to them.

600,000 people or one fifth of the NZ workforce and rising is dealing with anxiety, depression or other mental illness

These are all far more than just numbers and statistics.

They’re real people. They’re your mates. Your work colleagues. The people you manage & lead. The people you’re responsible for. Those for whom you owe a duty of care.

It could be you.

It has been me.

My personal experiences are ultimately what has inspired me to stand up, to speak up to take action to drive serious & fundamental change in the workplace.

They have inspired me to create teambleu.

A unique online platform for optimising wellbeing & performance in the workplace.

Please remember that behind these really shocking statistics are real people.

Thanks to teambleu it’s never been easier to take action, to be a catalyst for change.


Dom Petrus, CEO & co-founder of teambleu

Don’t be a silent witness. Be an outspoken rebel.

Be a rebel at work.

To learn how visit

Sources: Wellness in the Workplace Survey 2017; Gallup; American Psychological Association, American Institute of Stress, NY; NZ Public Service Workplace Dynamics Survey 2016


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