Is your workplace mentally healthy?

Do you believe your workplace is mentally healthy?


Dom Petrus CEO & Co-founder of

Chances are if you’re a leader of a team or workplace your answer to that question could be completely out of whack with the opinion of your frontline employees.

New research from beyondblue (an independent not for profit Australian organisation working to improve mental health) shows that while 71% of leaders feel they are committed to creating a mentally healthy workplace only 37% of their employees actually believe this to be true.

Obviously its dangerous for leaders to simply be making assumptions about the mental wellbeing of their people.

Why the disconnect?

Clearly despite the best of intentions of leaders they are struggling to find tangible ways of demonstrating their commitment to their people and their wellbeing.

If an individual is struggling with their mental wellbeing to any degree then generally the last person they are going to tell is their boss or even their workplace colleagues.

It’s a reality of the modern workplace that few are willing to risk being seen as weak, problematic or not currently capable of delivering exceptional performance.

Fortunately all of these complications can now be alleviated by the innovation that is teambleu.

teambleu is a pioneering online platform for optimising wellbeing, performance and productivity in the workplace.

teambleu represents the best & most effective way of tangibly demonstrating a leader’s and an organisation’s commitment to their people, their wellbeing & performance.

With teambleu it is now possible to gain 100% visibility for the mental wellbeing & performance potential of a team or entire organisation, in real time.

In the process the confidentiality and anonymity of all individuals is preserved and protected.

This smart software will also cast an intelligent, confidential and caring eye over the wellbeing of your people 24/7 supporting them with easier access to the tools, resources & support necessary to safeguard their mental health & performance potential.

As a leader you can now deliver a greater duty of care to your people than has ever before been possible.

What are you waiting for?

Stop making assumptions.

Start taking action.

It’s never been easier.

To learn how visit

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